Caring for your bouvier

If you opt for a bouvier you should be aware that the coat of a bouvier must be well maintained. It starts early with the puppy coat which should be maintained weekly, first with a brush and with a comb later. The puppy will quickly become accustomed to the brush or comb if you repeat this briefly every day. During brushing it is best to place the dog on a table, this will save your back. Your bouvier will get used to the weekly maintenance, the teeth of the comb must reach the skin, this way the undercoat will be removed and the coat is able to develop well.

Trimming of the coat was done previously by plucking because the fur was hard of structure. Over the years the furs have become softer and fuller so they need to be cut in order to remain in beautiful shape. Nevertheless the hair must still feel hard, the judge at the dog shows will always pay attention to this, especially Belgian judges.

Trimming/cutting must be done at least 4x a year, preferably 6x to keep the coat in good shape.
The coat should be 6 inches long, often you will see bouviers that are trimmed too short. They are shaved, according to many trimmers there are tangles in the coat so shaving is the only option. A shaved bouvier does not look very nice the first few weeks, so to prevent you bouvier being shaved make sure the coat is well maintained by weekly combing.

For advice or trimming you can always call or email. See Contact.